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One Click Contractor is a software sales tool that allows a contractor to present home improvement projects to homeowners on site or remotely. Totally customized and tailored to your business, One Click Contractor allows contractors to readily garner their share of the
E-commerce explosion.


  • Import from remote measuring sources:
    > Eagleview
    > HOVER
    > RoofScope
  • Manual implementation
  • Pushes to estimates with One Click


  • Robust visualization tools
  • Project ideas brought to life by:
    > Renoworks
    > HOVER
  • Extensive product libraries


  • Tailored & customized estimates
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Extremely easy to adapt
  • Real time pricing to homeowners
  • Built in financing calculator

Contract Generation
& E-Signatures

  • Custom & Tailored:
    > Proposals & Work Agreements
    > Logos, Labeling & Brochures
    > Terms & Conditions, State required docs
  • Built in E-signature function

In the News

May 2017

Five Construction Tech Tools to Increase Efficiency

More and more contractors are utilizing technology to increase efficiency than ever before. The introduction of technology to the construction industry paved the way for the creation of tools to be used by contractors.

February 21, 2017

New Online Platform Design to Eliminate In-Person Sales

Instead of relying on antiquated sales tactics to close a deal in person, contractors can now use an online platform that bundles all essential elements of home improvement sales into one easy-to-use package.

February 15, 2017

One Click Contractor- Step by Step

The goal of this software: collect all of the separate functions essential to home improvement sales in one application

March 22, 2016

Game Changer: New Rules for Remodeling Sales

Recession, demographic shifts, and unlimited data have done a makeover on your customer. You need a new playbook to stay in the game

February 16, 2017

Online and Ready to Buy: the New Sales Landscape

Buying a car used to involve haggling with a salesperson on the dealership lot. Now most car dealers have an online sales department. Is home improvement next?

February 17, 2017

The One-Click Future

One bold prediction says that in the next five years, half of exterior replacement sales will be completed remotely

Our client's testimonials

"This tool fits perfectly for our business. It allows us to cater to our customers in a way that they want. Thanks for helping us get our share of the online explosion."

-Tim R.

Palazzo Restoration

"Homeowners are digging it, and I'm selling. Instead of driving around, I am spending that time preparing. Now prep time is 10 minutes because everything is automated in the software."

-Mike D.

K & B Home Remodelers

"One Click Contractor has not only increased my sales, but also my customer satisfaction and experience."

-Kevin B.

Stan's Roofing

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